Online Learning

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Before you read on, it is advisable that you complete this short assessment.

        In order to be successful in your online learning, you must know what resources you have, and what things may be holding you back. Start making a list of people who support you - people who you can reach out to if you need help. make sure to consider your resources at school like teachers, student services, the LRC, and even your classmates.

        On the flip side, one of the biggest reasons students have a difficult time staying motivated is because they underestimate their ability to control their situation. In psychology, the term used to describe this perception is called - "Locus of Control" which literally means - "place of control" and measures, on a scale, whether a person feels they they have control over most things in his or her life (internal locus of control - LOC) or, on the other side of the scale, (external locus of control - LOC) perceives events as happening outside of personal control.

        As a result, people with a very external locus of control will often use phrases like "I'm just not self disciplined enough to learn online", or " I can't learn from a computer - I have to have a teacher explain it in person", whereas, people with a very internal locus of control will tend to feel the weight of responsibility and often times feel guilty or depressed about not living up to their responsibilities.